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kindness activities for kids
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    kindness activities for kids
    Kindness Activities For Kids

    Update: This article was last updated on 6th June 2024 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.
    If we seek kindness activities for kids, we must start early. K
    indness is one of the most significant character traits that you must inculcate in your children. Being kind and having empathy will help your kids’ holistic development. Showing kindness won’t make them weak. Rather, they will be able to nurture great friendships and enjoy inclusive, wholesome classroom bonding. In the long run, they will grow up to be great human beings.

    But would these young souls learn kindness? Are they involved in kindness activities ever? As per a study, about 85% of children learn to show empathy and values of kindness from their parents. So, now you know why they say that charity begins at home.

    Not just this, as per a survey, children who tend to be compassionate and kind during pre-school and school days tend to have a healthy social life in their adolescent and adulthood days.

    If you wish your kids to be kind and compassionate, try the below-mentioned kindness activities to teach empathy to your children!

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    Try These Top 10 Kindness Activities for Your Children!

    1. A pretty kindness calendar

    Kindness Activities 1

    Help your kids create a pretty kindness calendar. Gestures that show kindness, like helping someone with homework, setting up the dining table, writing a thank you letter, helping someone with household errands, etc., can be added to the calendar.

    Having such a calendar at the place will keep your kids motivated to engage in kindness activities. Also, they will have some activities to look forward to every month and won’t feel clueless when showing kindness.

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    2. An appreciation box for the family, teachers, and friends

    Encourage your munchkins to create a cute and colorful appreciation box for their family, friends, and teachers. Kids can write notes of appreciation for different family members, teachers, and peers. Believe that these are the best kindness activities for your children ever.

    Every time your children feel grateful for something you do, they can write words of appreciation on a piece of paper and drop it in that box. Friends, family members, and teachers can participate in this activity to keep the kids engaged. They can write down notes of appreciation for the kids as well. Once the entire box is filled, it will be too much fun to open and read each note together.

    An Appreciation Box For The Family, Teachers And Friends

    3. Volunteering at an orphanage, old age home, or animal shelter 

    Volunteering At An Orphanage Old Age Home Or Animal Shelter 

    On Sundays or during any holiday, you can take your children to an animal shelter, nursing home, or orphanage. Encourage your kids to participate in empathetic activities there, such as serving food, offering water, feeding the needy, etc.

    Your kids learn the significance of being responsible when they get to visit such places regularly.

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    4. Donating pre-loved books, toys, and outfits

    Teach your children about their less fortunate brothers and sisters. Encourage them to donate their pre-loved belongings to needy ones. They can share their old toys, clothes, and books. The process can be made more fun by decorating a donation box.Help your children drop such boxes at orphanages, shelters, and similar places. It is even better if they want to distribute those pre-loved possessions.

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    Donating Pre Loved Books Toys And Outfits

    5. Writing thank-you notes

    Writing Thank You Note

    Motivate your children to express their gratitude by writing thank you notes for those who have impacted their lives in significant ways. Maybe the doctor has helped your child overcome bad flu. Let him write a thank you note to his doctor.

    Suppose he likes the meal prepared by the chef at a restaurant. Ask him to write a thank you note to the chef saying that he loves the food.

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    6. Planting and nurturing a sapling.

    Growing a plant from seeds requires true nurturing efforts and a heart filled with kindness. On his next birthday, help him plant a sapling in the backyard or your garden. You can guide him with the amount of water and manure needed. Witness his happiness as the sapling gradually grows into a plant.

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    Planting Nurturing A Sapling

    7. Reading stories about kindness and empathy

    Reading Stories About Kindness And Empathy

    If they are fond of reading, then bring them storybooks that portray stories related to kindness. Children learn a lot from their favorite storybook characters. This is indeed a fun-filled and engaging way of inculcating kindness in your children.

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    8. Painting kindness rocks

    Kindness rocks are a great way to teach kids about empathy. Help them collect a few clean and round and oval-shaped pebbles from the garden or playground. Take out all the paints, brushes, and markers.Now witness their creative spree as they paint the stones with bright colors and write motivating messages with markers. The next step would be to drop these painted stones in different spots such as a library, classroom, living room, and so on.

    Painting Kindness Rocks

    9. Offering free hugs

    Free Hug

    Offering free hugs is indeed a great way to show that you care. Encourage your kids to offer free hugs when they are out to play in the park or playground. You never know what the other person is going through. Sometimes, just a warm hug is all it takes to heal them of their darkness.

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    10. Kindness cards for friends, family, and teachers

    Children love to prepare cards for special occasions like birthdays. Why not then help them craft pretty and cute kindness cards for close people? The idea is to write down how your kids felt when someone showed kindness to them.

    Let your child use their creativity to express and write down about the same. Then they go on and decorate the card and share it with the same person about whom he was writing on the card.

    Kindness Card

    Graph Data KindnessSource: SEMANTIC SCHOLAR

    This graph shows us how acts of Kindness facilitate the prosocial behaviors of kids in a childhood Montessori classroom.


    Kindness activities are a vital life skill that can be highly rewarding for your children in the long run. To be good to others for no reason sounds so simple, but it is not that easy. Try inculcating the value of empathy in your children with these kindness activities.

    Looking for a comprehensive parenting guide to ensure you are on the right track? Explore a wealth of parenting wisdom and educational insights in Moonpreneur’s blogs. Additionally, you can join our programs that nurture the next generation of innovators. Book a free trial now!



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    Emily Smith
    Emily Smith
    1 year ago

    Apart from kindness, what are the other things my son must learn?

    1 year ago
    Reply to  Emily Smith

    You must focus on teaching your son to do things by themselves. Teach him how to help others, be kind, and show empathy.



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