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The eco- friendly car alarm is an alarm designed with the driver’s utmost safety in mind. It is coded to keep drivers alert at all times and will warn them of any potential dangers around them. The features of this alarm also keep drivers aware of nearby objects and notify them if they are at a close proximity with any object.

Toronto, Canada, Canada

Eco-friendly car alarm

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What are You Working On?

I am working on a car alarm that will be efficient and safe. This car alarm will help me achieve my dream of making the roads safer. This car alarm will guarantee the safety of anyone as long as they drive responsibly. It features an audio and text alarm that will guarantee safety for all drivers. I estimate that my car alarm will decrease car accidents by 50% because of its high-tech features.

High Tech Car Alarm

What is Your Problem Statement?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have crashed your car because of a lack of awareness? Every year, millions of people crash their cars and get into potentially fatal accidents. Often it is because drivers are unaware of the dangers around them and the proximity of objects that may cause an accident. The consequences of these crashes can range from expensive car damage to possible death. Every driver faces the threat of crashing their car every time they start their engine; it has become a severe problem all over the world. We should introduce new features to cut down on the fatal or near-fatal accidents that happen every year.

High tech car alarm problem startment

Where Did This Idea Come From?

A friend of mine recently moved from an isolated, low populated country in Europe to Toronto. In that country, the roads were fairly spacious and empty. He moved to Toronto as he felt it was time for a change. He was so excited to come to Canada and when he finally arrived, he could not stop marveling at the infrastructure and people of the city. He spent a couple of weeks discovering the city before he felt he was ready to go behind the wheels. He was overjoyed, he could explore the city all by himself and be able to visit many landmarks. But he soon realized that driving in Toronto was difficult. There were a lot more cars and objects that he could crash in. Unfortunately, during his first car ride when he tried to change lanes, he was unaware of a speeding car coming from down the road. The cars collided leaving him injured. Thankfully, he survived, but he decided he will drive again only if he can be assured of safety on the roads. This is when the idea of building a car alarm struck me. If my friend had a car alarm, he would have been alerted about the incoming danger and would have been able to avoid the collision. I hope in the future, people like my friend would feel safer with my car alarm built into their vehicles.

How is It Solving This Problem?

 With the car alarm, drivers will learn about potential dangers in advance. If we add this feature to every car, I am hundred percent certain that it would make the roads a much safer place and it would save people their time, money, and lives. People would be more aware of their surroundings, which would reduce the chances of collisions. Of course, there will still be crashes due to irresponsible driving, but at least with the car alarm drivers will be comforted by the fact that they are not completely defenseless against the dangers of irresponsible driving.

High Tech car alarm idea

Who Would Benefit The Most From Your Product?

My product would benefit all drivers as it will provide them with comfort and safety while driving. The car alarm comes with different features designed to keep drivers alert and aware of their surroundings. This will guarantee a driver’s safety on the road. According to Esurance, 77% of drivers have gotten into a minor or major accident at least one time. This shows that car crashes are extremely common which is why I think drivers will benefit the most.

High tech car alarm benefits

Who Are Your Competitors and How is Your Product Better?

My competitors would all be high-end car companies designing car alarms for their cars. Companies such as Mercedes, BMW, and Honda would be my competitors as they equip their cars with some sort of car alarm. What sets my car alarm apart is the fact that it is Eco-friendly and easy to use. I made the car alarm up of simple parts and it depends on regular batteries to power it. 

Those who will purchase my car alarm would support a young entrepreneur who is trying to make the roads a safer place. Unlike big corporate companies, I designed my car alarm keeping the safety of drivers in mind and not to mint money.

Tell Us About the Product Specifications and What is In the Box?

  • LCD screen that displays warnings and distance from the nearest object 
  • The ultrasonic sensor will measure the distance from the nearest object
  • 8 wires and directions on where to connect each of them
  • The Embedded Learned Board comes with a buzzer, which we can use for the alarm

high tech car alarm components

About the creator 

My name is Brandon Raveendra. I am an 11th grader, and I have a great deal of experience in the programming and automobile field. A life-changing incident inspired me to invent something to make driving safer. After thorough research on car alarms, automobiles, and programming, I created this high-tech car alarm as I wanted to make the roads the safest place on the earth.


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1 Eco-Friendly Car alarm
August, 2022
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August, 2022
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2 Eco-Friendly Car alarms
August, 2022
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