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Meet Pranav Varun, The Innovator of The SMART Gardener.

Pranav was part of Moonpreneur’s MoonBattle Program Season 3, where he developed the idea for The SMART Gardener machine from scratch under the guidance of the Subject Matter Experts while pursuing the course.

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Project Name: The SMART Gardener
Team Member: Pranav Varun
Program: Moonbattle
Category: |
More Information: Coming Soon
Meet Pranav Varun, The Innovator of The SMART Gardener. Pranav was part of Moonpreneur's MoonBattle Program Season 3, where he developed the idea for The SMART Gardener machine from scratch under the guidance of the Subject Matter Experts while pursuing the course.


The SMART Gardener, developed and refined during MoonBattle Season 3,
has earned an opportunity to compete at the
MoonBattle Conference 2024 in Milpitas, Silicon Valley


Imagine having a special helper in your garden—one that’s not a person or an animal, but a smart machine! Let me introduce you to the SMART Gardener Machine, created by a brilliant young inventor Pranav Varun.

The SMART gardener is a device that provides a complete gardening solution and takes care of your plant’s needs.

The device provides the plant with the perfect setting to thrive by controlling the temperature of the environment and watering the plant as needed. 

The device comes with a mobile app that includes a pollinator mode to attract pollinators; a growth mode to track your plant’s height; a simple interface to control the device and receive notifications in real-time.


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Despite the growing interest in gardening, many individuals face challenges in gardening such as limited time, space, and expertise, leading to inconsistent care and suboptimal plant growth. Traditional gardening methods often require manual intervention and monitoring, making it difficult for busy individuals to maintain healthy plants consistently.

Additionally, unpredictable environmental factors and lack of real-time feedback further hinder the success of gardening endeavors. As a result, there is a need for a solution that integrates technology to automate and optimize plant care, making gardening accessible, convenient, and efficient for users of all experience levels.

The Idea:

The idea behind making a Smart Gardener Machine is to leverage technology to simplify and enhance the gardening experience, empowering users to grow healthy plants with minimal effort and expertise.

Creating a Smart Gardener Machine involves integrating technology into traditional gardening practices to automate and optimize various aspects of plant care.



The SMART Gardener is a device that includes various features that provide plants with the optimal conditions to grow. It includes a mobile app with a user-friendly interface to control and monitor the working of the device and receive alerts. The machine uses temperature and light sensors to check the conditions around and then, using other components it helps to create a good environment for the plant. The device also has a feature that waters the plant every day when the soil moisture is low. The user can enter custom values for soil moisture amount, temperature, and lighting for the plant using the app or use preset settings. The device is powered by 9v batteries.


Feature descriptions:

User interface for customization, monitoring, and control (that comes with an included QR code for downloading):

 By using this interface, users will be easily able to use it at any time of the day anywhere, and will eliminate the need to add pushbuttons and LCDs making also easy to build.

 Live growth data of the plant:

 This feature provides an opportunity for the user to track the plant’s growth in height, which is a change we won’t be able to easily see with our eyes. The growth tracker also helps people who want to record their plant’s growth.

Adaptive temperature and lighting systems:

 The temperature and lighting systems help people’s plants by giving the plants a better climate and environment. Why lots of plants are dying is because they are not given a good environment, so this will also stop plants from dying.

 A watering system that waters the plant:

 Lots of people forget to water plants when they really need it causing the plants to die. The watering systems detects the soil moisture and according to that they water the plants. They can also water the plants when the user is away.


 Pollinator mode:

Pollinator mode is a feature that can be activated through the app that helps attract bees to people’s plants by playing a sound at a particular frequency. This would help people with flowering or fruit plants in an area where pollinators don’t usually come to (like an apartment in the middle of the city). This feature would ensure your plant is pollinated and healthy.



How the product works:

  •  First, the user must connect the 9v battery to the device and connect it to Bluetooth.
  • After this, the user must go to the app, set the Bluetooth connection in the app and if they would like, they can set the custom data for the plant.
  • Now, the device will start monitoring the conditions around it and will start modifying the environments asper the plant’s needs.
  • The user is now free to do whatever he/she wants.





 TAM (Total Addressable Market) : 66% of the American population own plants.

SAM (Serviceable Available Market) : 70% of American plant owners’ plants have died.

SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market) : I will solve the problems of at least 75% of SAM (1125000000).


Estimated price and deals:

The estimated cost will be around

$75 per device.

The cost price will be lowered by procuring components in bulk and sourcing them from places like India and China.

The product will also come with a 1-year warranty and a free booklet on gardening authored by experts.

Market point of sale:

 Later on our product roadmap, our product is expected to go to places like Amazon and other marketing platforms and I will also have my own website, but for now, my product will be available on the Moonpreneur website.


·      The packaging will look white, sleek, and compact on the outside. It will also have a product description on the back and the product logo and image.

·      There will be various layers of foam inside, each on top of a few components. Note: assembly is required, but it is easy.

·      Packaging will most of all be easy to open, compact, and will keep the device safe.


Why should you support us:

 By supporting our product, you will be helping in the process of creating a green Earth, bringing out a new technology and also, helping so many people.


The primary goal of the SMART Gardener Machine is to make gardening more accessible, convenient, and efficient for individuals, regardless of their experience level. With its help, we can create beautiful, thriving gardens full of healthy plants and delicious vegetables.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be inspired to create your own amazing inventions to help make the world a greener, more magical place. The possibilities are endless when you combine your imagination with the power of technology!


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