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Smart door lock sensor is a small-alarm system that allows you to monitor
When your door is opened and closed. Smart door lock sensors are easy
To install and security system components that one can purchase individually.
Commonly used in big hotels, banks and also homes

Nakuru county, Kenya

Door lock sensor

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By using a code, phone or a card to make our things safer. But there are
Limits, which are lack of features. To solve this problem, we need to combine
All the modern security features into one lock as well as monitoring features
Thus, we have high security, comfortable opening and closing systems, and
Features that help us easier and faster, all requirements do not conflict and help
To make our homes safer than before.

Q. What are You Working On?
A. Smart door lock system.

Q. What is Your Problem statement?
A. Our doors can be forgotten and this is a common occurrence
For most people. Locks are trying these days to depend on technology

Q. Where Did This Idea Come From?
A. The idea came to me when there was a bomb blast in our biggest
Mall in Kenya. That’s when I started thinking of better ways to improve
Our security so that it can be able such occurrences

Q. Why do you want to take your project on a crowd-funding platform?
A. The reason why I would want to take my product to crown-funding
Is because it will enable investors to share my project with their own
Networks and enable people to invest and produce my product

Q. How is It Solving This Problem?
A. Taking my product to crowdfunding helps me; Allowing investors
To fund campaigns, which helps me to expand my financial opportunities
And diversity

Q. Who Would Benefit the Most from Your Product?
A. The people who would benefit most from my product
Are people from big institutions like universities, banks
Big hotels, schools hospitals and any other big institutions
It can also work at homes.

Q. Who Are Your Competitors and How is Your Product Better?
A. My main competitors are the ones who produce the same product
As me but mine is a unique one. What makes my product better is that
As a home security guard has simple and easy to-understand operations.
The visual man-machine interference and intelligent voice navigations
Function can clearly understand the working status of the door lock

Q. Tell Us About the Product Specifications and What is In the Box?
The door leaf is made of two 1.25 mm thick galvanized steel sheets with vertical and horizontal steel reinforcements for optimal security structure.
The door leaf is filled with Rockwool or honeycomb for thermal and acoustic insulation.
The door leaf is 50 mm thick.
Various designs and finishes.
The door includes a telescopic bottom insert to enable easy adjustment during installation.
A -4way door lock system, with four 10 mm diameter front bolts and spring-loaded latch. One bottom hook reinforcement mechanism.
Upper and rear 13 mm bolts operated by the lock. Special rear hook fixed bolt – optional. Super Nemmers High Security cylinders.
Improved cylinder protector preventing picking and drilling as well as forcing of the lock cylinder.
1.25mm galvanized steel stiffeners are used to give a stronger shape.
Rock wool is used to give high thermal and acoustic insulation.
Construction frame made of 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel. The frame is mounted directly on the wall with anchors and cemented to the building structure.
Cover frame made of 1.5 mm thick steel for installation on existing wood or metal frames, also available.
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December, 2022
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