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Top Schools in Houston
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    10 Top Schools in Houston


    Top Schools in Houston


    Top schools are highly sought after by parents who aim to provide their children with the best education possible. Each year, renowned organizations rank schools based on performance, accessibility, and trust. Children at Risk, an education advocacy and research nonprofit, announces “top school in Houston each year. This prestigious recognition reflects the school’s exceptional student achievement, campus performance, growth, and college readiness. 

    In this article, we will delve into 10 top schools in Houston that stand out among Houston’s educational institutions.

    1. Carnegie Vanguard High School

    Carnegie Vanguard High School’s exceptional academic performance has solidified its position as one of the leading educational institutions in Houston. With a remarkable track record, it is no surprise that it consistently secures a place on the list of top 10 schools in the city and garners recognition on a national level.  

    Website: houstonisd.org/cvhs

    Location: 1501 TAFT, HOUSTON, TX 77019

    Phone: 713-732-3690

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 24:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 97%
    • Average SAT: 1849
    • Average ACT: 31
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Business: 133
    • Pre-Medicine Studies: 126 
    • Biology: 124

    2. Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute

    Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute in Houston is widely recognized for its remarkable success in closing the achievement gap – a shining example of educational equity and transformative impact.

    Website: gpisd.org/gpci

    Location: 1502 COLLEGE ST, GRAND PRAIRIE, TX 75050

    Phone: 972-343-3120

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 14:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT: 1230
    • Average ACT: 25
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Biology: 28 
    • Pre-Medicine Studies: 20 
    • Business: 16

    3. Roby High School

    Roby High School offers a commendable educational experience in a supportive environment. With dedicated teachers and staff, the school fosters a culture of academic growth and personal development. Students benefit from diverse extracurricular activities, preparing them for future success.

    Website: robycisd.org

    Location: 141 S COLLEGE ST, ROBY, TX 79543

    Phone: 325-776-2222

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 10:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 90%
    • Average SAT: 1003
    • Average ACT: 23
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Nursing: 15 
    • Biology: 6 
    • Veterinary Sciences: 6

    4. Kerr High School

    Kerr High School is a beacon of empowerment, providing students with many opportunities to impact the world positively. With a clear vision and unwavering dedication, the school nurtures students’ potential by equipping students with the skills and mindset to create meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

    Website: aliefisd.net/Kerr

    Location: 8150 SUGARLAND HOWELL, HOUSTON, TX 77083

    Phone: 281-983-8484

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 20:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 99%
    • Average SAT: 1210
    • Average ACT: 27
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Biology: 148 
    • Business: 123 
    • Nursing: 120

    5. Uplift Infinity H S

    Uplift Infinity High School has achieved a commendable “B” rating (86) by the Texas Education Agency, reflecting its commitment to providing quality education to its students. The school’s dedication to academic excellence is evident in its strong performance and the opportunities they offer to foster student growth. It provides a supportive learning environment that prepares students for future success.

    Website: upliftparent.org/infinityprep

    Location: 1401 S MACARTHUR BLVD, IRVING, TX 75060

    Phone: 469-621-9200

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 14:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 96%
    • Average SAT: 1180
    • Average ACT: 21
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Biology: 27 
    • Business: 26 
    • Nursing: 21 

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    6. Eastwood Academy

    With a strong emphasis on academic excellence and holistic development, Eastwood Academy School prepares students for a successful future. The dedicated faculty and staff foster a supportive and nurturing environment, encouraging students to reach their full potential.

    Website: houstonisd.org/domain/11083

    Location: 1315 DUMBLE, HOUSTON, TX 77023

    Phone: 713-924-1697

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 17:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 95%
    • Average SAT: 1140
    • Average ACT: 26
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Business: 74 
    • Nursing: 50 
    • Psychology: 48

    7. Ira School

    Ira School’s commitment to student success is evident in its innovative teaching methods, robust curriculum, and supportive resources. Students at Ira School are prepared to face future challenges and equipped with the skills needed to thrive in their academic and personal endeavors.

    Website: ira.esc14.net

    Location: 6190 W FM 1606, IRA, TX 79527

    Phone: 325-573-2628

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 13:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT: 1420
    • Average ACT: 36
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Business: 7 Students
    • Agricultural Business: 6 Students
    • Psychology: 6 Students

    8. Alief Early College High School

    With a unique focus on early college readiness, the school allows students to earn college credits while still in high school. This forward-thinking approach empowers students and prepares them for higher education and future careers. It is a transformative place where students can excel academically and lay a solid foundation for their future endeavors.

    Website: aliefisd.net/aliefisd

    Location: 4250 Cook Road, Houston, TX 77072

    Phone: 713-942-1441 

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 20:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 95%
    • Average SAT: 1140
    • Average ACT: 23
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Biology: 107 
    • Business: 95 
    • Pre-Medicine Studies: 93

    9. North Shore Senior High School

    North Shore Senior High School offers diverse academic programs, extracurricular activities, and athletic opportunities, allowing students to explore their interests and develop their talents. The school’s strong sense of community and supportive culture fosters a sense of belonging and personal growth.

    Website: galenaparkisd.com/Domain/19

    Location: 353 N CASTLEGORY, HOUSTON, TX 77049

    Phone: 832-386-4100

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 16:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 87%
    • Average SAT: 1050
    • Average ACT: 21
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Nursing: 350 
    • Business: 286 
    • Biology: 240

    10. Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy

    Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy in Houston is an exceptional educational institution that empowers young women to achieve their full potential. The academy’s commitment to empowering young women and cultivating future leaders is evident in the achievements of its students. 

    Website: https://www.houstonisd.org/YWCPA

    Location: 1906 CLEBURNE STREET, HOUSTON, TX 77004-413

    Phone: 832-386-4100

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 15:1
    • Average Graduation Rate: 90%
    • Average SAT: 1090
    • Average ACT: 24
    • College Preparation: Yes

    Popular Majors

    • Business: 46 
    • Psychology: 38 
    • Pre-Medicine Studies: 34 


    As you seek the best educational opportunities, you can confidently explore these top schools in Houston, knowing they offer a solid foundation for academic achievement and personal growth.

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