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Top 10 School Districts in Canada
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    Top School Districts in Canada


    Update: This article was last updated on 6th November 2023 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

    When it comes to quality education, Canada is known for its top-notch school districts that provide a nurturing environment for student’s growth and development. From Ontario to British Columbia, these districts offer comprehensive curricula, innovative instruction, and a commitment to student’s well-being.

    In this blog, we will explore the top school districts in Canada, highlighting their unique features, programs, and achievements. But first, let’s get a brief understanding of the Canadian school education system.

    In Canada, education goes beyond academic success; it embraces a holistic approach, nurturing critical thinking, creativity, and personal growth. The finest Canadian schools promote these values in a diverse and inclusive learning setting, encouraging a sense of community among students.

    Types of schools in Canada and their curriculum

    Type of School Description and Curriculum
    Public Schools - Public schools in Canada are funded by the government and are open to all students in the community.

    - The curriculum is set by provincial or territorial education authorities and follows a standardized framework, covering subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical education.
    Private Schools - Private schools operate independently and are funded through tuition fees and private donations.

    - The curriculum can vary widely and may include additional courses or specialized programs beyond the standard provincial requirements. Private schools often have smaller class sizes, allowing for more individualized attention.
    Catholic Separate Schools - Catholic separate schools are publicly funded schools that provide education with a Catholic faith-based perspective.

    - The curriculum is similar to that of public schools but may include religious education as a core component. These schools adhere to provincial standards while integrating Catholic values into the learning experience.
    French Immersion Schools - French immersion programs are available in both public and private schools.

    - The curriculum is designed to immerse students in the French language and culture. Students typically start learning in French at an early age, with subjects taught in French to promote bilingualism.
    Montessori Schools - Montessori schools follow the teaching philosophy developed by Maria Montessori, emphasizing self-directed learning and hands-on activities.

    - The curriculum is child-centered, allowing students to progress at their own pace. It often includes a mix of academic subjects, practical life skills, and cultural studies.
    International Baccalaureate Schools - IB schools offer programs such as the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP).

    - The IB curriculum focuses on developing well-rounded individuals with an international perspective. It includes a broad range of subjects, encourages critical thinking, and emphasizes community service.
    Specialized Schools - Specialized schools may focus on specific areas such as arts, technology, or sports.

    - The curriculum is tailored to the specialized theme, providing in-depth instruction in the chosen field alongside the standard academic subjects.

    List of School Districts in Canada

    1. Upper Canada District School Board:

    Upper Canada District School Board

    Website: https://www.ucdsb.on.ca/

    Location: 225 Central Avenue West, Brockville, ON K6V 5X1

    Phone: 800-267-7131

    As one of the largest public school boards in Ontario, the district serves students in areas including Lanark, Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry, Leeds-Grenville, and Prescott-Russell. It provides a well-rounded learning landscape that encompasses a diverse range of academic, athletic, artistic, and extracurricular activities.

    Total schools 78
    Elementary School 57
    Secondary School 21
    Number of Students Served 27,000
    Average graduation rate 90%

    2. York Region District School Board

    York Region District School Board

    Website: https://www2.yrdsb.ca/

    Location: 60 Wellington Street West, Aurora, ON L4G 3H2

    Phone: 905-727-3141

    As the third largest school district in Ontario, it offers a comprehensive curriculum that provides students with a wide range of programs to explore their interests and develop their skills. The schools under the district also place a strong emphasis on cultivating positive attitudes that empower students to reach their full potential.

    Total schools 213
    Elementary School 180
    Secondary School 33
    Number of Students Served 1,28,000
    Average graduation rate 91%

    3. Burnaby Schools

    Burnaby Schools

    Website: https://burnabyschools.ca/

    Location: 4054 Norfolk Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 0C3

    Phone: 604 -296-6900

    As the fourth largest district in British Columbia, it is dedicated to fostering a caring, inclusive community of learners and preparing them for both the present and the future. The district covers Brentwood North, Central West, Kingsway South, and Cariboo Lougheed, providing an enriching environment for mentorship and growth.

    Total schools 48
    Elementary School 41
    Secondary School 8
    Number of Students Served 25,000
    Average graduation rate 80%

    4. West Vancouver School District

    West Vancouver School District

    Website: https://westvancouverschools.ca/

    Location: 1075 21st Street, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 4A9

    Phone: 604-981-1000

    Known as an aspiring educational center, the district values individuality and supports students’ journey toward becoming who they aspire to be. The idea is to foster an environment where students can grow, learn, and shape their identities. From day one, children embark on a path of self-discovery that continues throughout their school years and beyond.

    Total schools 17
    Elementary School 14
    Secondary School 3
    Number of Students Served 6,500
    Average graduation rate 98%

    5. Simcoe County District School Board

    Simcoe County District School Board

    Website: https://www.scdsb.on.ca/

    Location:1170 Highway 26, Midhurst, ON L9X 1N6

    Phone: 705-728-7570

    Spanning across 4,800 square kilometers in Simcoe County, the schools and learning centers are strategically located to serve the diverse communities within the district. The district is deeply committed to achieving excellence in education and ensures equitable educational outcomes for all students.

    Total schools 103
    Elementary School 87
    Secondary School 16
    Number of Students Served 56,000
    Average graduation rate 87%

    6. Upper Grand District School Board

    Upper Grand District School Board

    Website: https://www.ugdsb.ca/

    Location: 500 Victoria Road N. Guelph, ON N1E 6K2

    Phone: 519-822-4420

    This district is dedicated to inspiring a genuine passion for learning and nurturing globally literate citizens. The adaptable, and inclusive learning experiences for all individuals help in building a strong foundation of education.

    Total schools 76
    Elementary School 65
    Secondary School 11
    Number of Students Served 35,000
    Average graduation rate 80.7%

    7. Langley School District Board

    Langley School District Board

    Website: https://www.sd35.bc.ca/

    Location: 4875-222nd St. Langley, BC V3A 3Z7

    Phone: 604-534-7891

    The school district caters to the Township of Langley, the Matsqui, Kwantlen, and Katzie First Nations, as well as the City of Langley. The district offers a diverse range of programs, including International Baccalaureate, French Immersion, and so on.

    Total schools 46
    Elementary School 30
    Secondary School 16
    Number of Students Served 23,000
    Average graduation rate 87.4%

    8. Halton District School Board

    Halton District School Board

    Website: https://www.hdsb.ca/

    Location: 2050 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON, Canada L7P 5A8

    Phone: 905-335-3663

    The school makes sure that apart from academic excellence, it also provides a healthy and safe learning environment.

    Total schools 110
    Elementary School 90
    Secondary School 20
    Number of Students Served 64,000
    Average graduation rate 90.7%

    9. North Vancouver School District Board

    North Vancouver School District Board

    Website: https://www.sd44.ca/

    Location: 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 2K6

    Phone: 604.903.3444

    The district takes pride in offering world-class learning opportunities to students. At the heart of its approach is a student-centered curriculum that places a strong emphasis on innovative instruction and prioritizes the mental well-being of students. In other words, it is committed to providing an educational environment that nurtures both academic growth and overall well-being.

    Total schools 31
    Elementary School 25
    Secondary School 6
    Number of Students Served 16,000
    Average graduation rate 95%

    10. Delta School District Board

    Delta School District Board

    Website: https://www.deltasd.bc.ca/

    Location: 585 Harvest Drive, Delta, BC Canada V4K 5B4

    Phone: 604-946-4101

    The Delta School District is dedicated to meeting the unique learning needs of students through a wide range of high-quality programs. With a vision to become an innovative, inclusive community where all learners belong and everyone thrives, the district is actively working to achieve this goal by 2030.

    Total schools 31
    Elementary School 24
    Secondary School 7
    Number of Students Served 16,000
    Average graduation rate 89%



    As we conclude our exploration of the top school districts in Canada, it becomes evident that these districts prioritize the holistic development of students. From academic excellence to extracurricular opportunities, these districts strive to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in the present and the future. With their diverse programs, inclusive communities, and commitment to student well-being, these top school districts in Canada stand as shining examples of educational excellence.

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    9 months ago

    You have missed Comox Valley Schools from your list. It offers personalized programs to meet your team’s needs. They specialize in team building and leadership programs

    Elijah Wood
    Elijah Wood
    10 months ago

    )If I were to express a personal opinion about the Upper Canada District School Board, I would say that half of the teachers and principals should be fired and the other half are decent.

    Lucas Adams
    Lucas Adams
    10 months ago

    Upper Canada District School Board should not come under the top school district in Canada. Just awful, the worst online support I’ve ever experienced, and the school lacks even the most basic amenities, like air conditioning

    11 months ago

    How can I find out more about the school districts in my area?

    10 months ago
    Reply to  Bains

    You can find out more about the school districts in your area by visiting the websites of your local school boards or by contacting your local school board office. You can also find information about school districts on the websites of the provincial ministries of education.

    10 months ago

    There are a few challenges associated with living in a top school district, including:
    Higher cost of livingIncreased competition for housingHigher taxesPressure to succeed academically



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