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Programming For Kids
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    Programming for Kids: 10 Benefits


    Programming For Kids


    We may be familiar with the word programming, though we may not be knowing what it is all about. Programming is the process of creating a set of instructions that tells a computer how to perform a task. Programming can be done using a variety of computer programming languages such as Java, C/C++, Python, and R.

    Programming is now becoming an integral part of education because parents now have realized the benefits of programming and the importance of preparing children for the future. Not only that futuristic technologies such as Robotics, Game Development, AI, etc. involve programming at the core.   

    There are several benefits of computer programming for kids; we are listing the  top 10 benefits:

    1. A stepping stone into the world of technology

    First thing it does is that it introduces children to the world of technology in a soft manner. And simple coding becomes a stepping stone for primary school children who are familiarized with the programming language through visual instructions, which come in the form of blocks.

    programming languages for kids

    It has become a popular way of teaching computer programming to kids. It is so simple that the children just have to drag and drop the blocks to complete the assignment. As they move to higher levels, they are introduced to higher levels of coding. 

    2. Improves math skills

    Programming not only motivates math but also provides the mental skills needed to think mathematically. A program is an algorithm and so are mathematical equations and procedures. When children start learning to code, they need a lot of mental skills which in the long run enhances their math skills.

    3. Logical thinking

    Computer science and coding aren’t just about developing a program to solve or perform tasks. It’s also about logical problem solving, using the core basics of mathematics.

    computer programming for kids

    Coding helps in improving logical thinking skills by allowing you to see problems from a new perspective. Complex coding projects are made up of smaller tasks and by breaking down the problem and adopting a methodological way of thinking, you can tackle any challenge. This can be applied to any scenario in both your personal and professional life.

    4. Problem-solving skills

    Research from the University of Washington examined the neurocognitive abilities of more than three dozen adults as they learned Python, a common programming language. Following a battery of tests to assess their executive function, language, and math skills, participants completed a series of online lessons and quizzes in Python. Those who learned Python faster, and with greater accuracy, tended to have a mix of strong problem-solving and language abilities. 

    5. Coding enhances creative problem solving

    A report published by Adobe focuses on creative problem solving, a process of redefining problems and opportunities, coming up with new, innovative responses and solutions, and then taking action. 

    According to the report, creative problem-solving is critical to students’ future career success in the age of automation. 74% percent of educators and 76%  of policymakers and influencers say professions that require creative problem-solving skills are less likely to be impacted by automation. Children engaged in coding easily pick up this skill. 

    6. Instills persistence 

    The meaning of the word persist is to go on resolutely or stubbornly despite opposition, importunity, or warning. This is exactly what programmers do to achieve their goals. Without persistence, they cannot go far. 

    programming language for kids

    Programming for kids helps in overcoming obstacles and finding the right solutions to problems faced by kids.

    7. Improves computational thinking

    What is computational thinking? It is a process of formulating and solving problems by breaking them down into simple steps. 

    A tryst with programming allows children to think in a structured way, work methodically and solve problems systematically. If programmers are unable to solve a problem, they shift to another pattern. That’s what we need to teach children and not to give up! When they get into this habit of trying different ways to solve a problem, it certainly enhances their problem-solving and creative thinking skills. 

    8. Learn about cause and effect

    Cause-and-effect describes a relationship between actions or events in which at least one action or event is a direct result of the others, says dictionary.com. 

    Cause and effect are also the foundation of many complex computer coding activities that penetrate every moment of our lives today.  The cause-and-effect relationship is an important element of technology. By learning programming children can easily understand this relationship and later in life they can use cause and effect concepts to fuel their innovative thinking approach.

    9. Improves core soft skills

    Organizational skills, patience, creative thinking – programming enhances all that and much more. How?

    Improves core soft skills

    In the initial learning phase, the programming language is simple but as they move towards the advanced stage, they will encounter complex problems, they will have to think out of the box to solve those problems and they have to find the solution patiently. 

    10. Makes your child future-proof

    According to a report by World Economic Forum, 75% of employers reported difficulty in filling roles, a 6% increase from the same time last year. It means the global talent shortage has hit its highest level in 16 years. Programming is the language of the future.

    computer programming for kids

    Children with coding and programming backgrounds could have a better chance of finding employment. It’s better to start preparing them in the present for the future which will be ruled by robots and artificial intelligence.  

    We have listed only 10 benefits but there are many other benefits of learning computer programming for kids. Allow them to explore the world of technology, whether they want to pursue it in the future is their choice. Our job is to equip them with the important skills so they can take the challenges in their stride and move ahead with confidence and resilience. 

    Book a free workshop today and learn how Moonpreneur can help your child learn programming at an early age and why programming for kids is so important.

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