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Personalized Learning
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    Why Should Parents opt for Personalized Learning for Their Kids?


    Personalized Learning


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    The proverb “All five fingers are different and not equal to each other” is one that we’ve all heard. Similarly, every student is different depending on their skills. By meeting the child’s unique needs, personalized learning increases the teacher’s efforts. 

    Technology has increased awareness of the benefits of choosing personalized learning. A customized environment is created for each type of student through personalized learning.

    According to studies, personalized learning differs from traditional teaching methods, and choosing this option will benefit the child’s development. In 2015, Pane and his RAND colleagues conducted the most exhaustive investigation. They discovered that 11,000 children in 62 schools experimenting with personalized learning achieved stronger advances in math and reading than their counterparts in more conventional settings. 

    The more time kids spend engaging in custom learning techniques, the larger their achievement growth.

    Here, we present the advantages, strategies, and formats of personalized learning.

    Benefits of using personalized learning

    Parents always strive to give their best to their children, and when it comes to education, they have to think twice before taking a step so that the child’s future is secure. Therefore, before opting for personalized learning, you should understand the benefits of the same. Here we mention the top perks of opting for personalized learning. 

    1. Customization

    The problem with the old-school teaching method is that it sets a specific standard for all students. These standards are unachievable for some students, thus making it distressful for them to clear the exams. But with personalized learning, things are different. 

    Teachers will learn about the student history of learning and then customize the plan for each student depending on their strengths and weaknesses. This ensures a faster and more engaging mode of learning. 

    2. Upskilling

    Many subjects and activities in the traditional method require updation with time. Personalized learning ensures that these subjects are updated from time to time, thus ensuring on-point skill development. Furthermore, companies and businesses prioritize skills more than degrees. 

    Thus, with personalized learning, you can be sure of developing the required skillsets in your children so that they can secure jobs in the future.  

    3. Time-Saver

    The conventional learning method consists of specific hours denoted to school and loads and loads of homework. But with personalized learning, students will have classes based on their time preference. This is because, most of the time, personalized learning is through online modes. This will grant the students free time to work on developing other skills. 

    4. Increases motivation

    People love their work if it is something they are good at. Similarly, students will love studying if it is the subjects, they are good at. In addition, the concepts are explained to the students with the help of visual learning; thus, they retain them well. This increases engagement and motivates the students to learn more. 

    5. Prevents mugging up

    Traditional schooling covers several subjects that require mugging up huge textbooks to pass the exams. But with personalized learning, the tests are customized according to the student. Thus, you need to understand the concepts to pass the exams. Moreover, because the teacher and student interaction are excellent, students tend to achieve higher results in this method. 

    How does Personalized Learning Work?

    It is way more straightforward than you can think. Here we mention exactly how this  personalized learning process works for your children:

    • First, the educator starts by understanding and embracing the student’s previous achievements and experiences. 
    • After analyzing past work, they will start customizing the perfect course for that student. This includes concept building, textbooks, and homework. The best part is that the student is also consulted while making and planning the lessons. 
    • Apart from textbooks, they teach using interactive games and recorded video lectures to make learning enjoyable. 
    • Lastly, these educators will personalize the tests and quizzes according to every concept taught. 

    All these steps require digital methods. Thus, incorporating Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the best way to automate this process. 

    Types of Personalised Learning

    Although personalized learning is specific to one student, it has attained many modes through the years. A few of them are mentioned below. 

    1. One-on-One: This method is the best of all. Educators will focus on only one child. The student will receive undivided attention. The teacher will completely understand the student’s needs and capabilities and will cater to them. As a result, students will achieve the best possible results. 

    2. Online Courses: This consists of videos and lectures specific to one specific set of students. If your kids find any online course relevant and useful, they can get enrolled in it by paying the course fee online. 

    3. Mentors: This method usually consists of two educators assigned according to the hierarchy of experience. Both of them will work towards understanding your child and providing their best. 

    Wrapping Up

    Choosing personalized learning is a significant but essential decision for your child. Your child’s lifestyle would change as a result. The pupil will have a distinct way of thinking and living. Your child will develop into a better individual with a strong personality who has a chance of finding employment as an adult.

    You can decide on the sort of schooling depending on their needs and your financial situation. Although personalized learning may seem pricey, it is a wise investment. Hopefully, this post enables you to make a well-informed decision regarding personalized learning.

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    10 months ago

    The most important benefit could be that teachers can keep a track if students are demonstrating the skills they’re expected to learn as they progress through their education.

    6 months ago

    Personalized learning also engages students by tapping into their interests and strengths through guidance and motivation of their mentor.



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