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game development with roblox
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    Game Development with Roblox – What You Need to know


    game development with roblox


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    Roblox is getting more popular among game developers in recent times due. So much so that, by the end of 2022, it had 58 million daily active users and generated a revenue of $2.2 billion. This makes it the most extensive online gaming server, enabling users to create and share games. 

    Daily active users (DAU) of Roblox games – from 4th quarter 2018 to 4th quarter 2022 (in millions)

    daily active users of roblox

    Source: Statista.com

    The development of Roblox games is suitable for people regardless of age. It enables them to create anything that comes to mind without difficulty. The success of the Roblox gaming platform is simplicity and customizability. Keep reading the post to learn everything about game development with Roblox.

    Getting Started with Roblox Game Development

    Roblox is a free game development platform with numerous tools a person would want for coding, building, and creating an attractive game. This platform supports Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10) and macOS (Roblox Client will install on 10.10 (Yosemite) and higher. The Roblox Studio will install on Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) and above). 

    In addition, Roblox plans to enlarge the portability of the Roblox platform by developing a version for mobile operating systems like android and iOS. 

    If you are creating the game in Roblox for the first time, download the Roblox player on your device. The installation process is simple as the desktop meets the hardware requirements. 

    Next, create a new account on the Roblox website. After creating an account, you can explore the software and play games developed by other users. 

    Download the Roblox Studio software from the official website to start creating your games.. It is a free game development tool.

    A powerful software for beginners, it has a user-friendly interface. For instance, inbuilt templates and drag-and-drop interface enable developers to create characters, objects, and other elements effortlessly. So, familiarize yourself with Roblox features. 

    1. Learn Lua programming language 

    Roblox game development uses Lua programming language for web applications and games. It is simple to learn a programming language and perfectly suitable for beginners. 

    In addition, Lua language is used to develop custom game mechanics, interactive atmosphere, and others. 

    Tutorials and other resources are available for the newbies on the official website. It helps in learning the Lua programming language smoothly and boosting skills. You can join the online program if you need hands-on guidance for creating the Roblox games. 

    2. Develop the first game in Roblox

    To create a game on Roblox, first, choose a template. Use Roblox’s library to add characters, objects, and other elements. Import 3D models from external software and design the game environment. 

    After that, you can start programming gameplay mechanics via Lua scripting.

    3. Create Script in Roblox

    A beginner can utilize Lua programming in Roblox to create the stimulating effects of games. Developing the script in Roblox is simple. Access the print function in coding. 

    Now, you can type in print (“HelloWorld”). The print enables the user to communicate the announcement to the coding domain. You have completed the first Roblox scripting exercise successfully.  

    Here are some things that you should know before start coding for Roblox: 

    • Strings will hold code text that is bracketed in by quotation marks. 
    • Variables have the code value that structures every bit of programming. 
    • The statement is wherever logic comes in, and the fundamental of Roblox coding will use nil, then, else if, and other statements. 
    • The function is in various ways that enable the code to run accordingly. 

    4. Test Roblox game

    If you have completed creating the Roblox game, it is time to test it. Testing the game is critical to offer the player bug-free games. 

    Roblox platform has inbuilt features, allowing the developer to test their game smoothly. Otherwise, you can invite others to test your Roblox game. 

    5. Publish Roblox game

    After testing, you can publish the game on the Roblox platform. To share your game on the forum, join the Roblox development community.  Once you have accepted the developer program, you can publish your game. 

    In addition, you should create game thumbnails, set the game’s settings and restrictions and write a description for your game.  

    6. Build a community

    Joining the Roblox game development community is important. Roblox has talented and experienced developers who help the new developers. You can create an account on social media platforms for your game to build the community and gather feedback. 

    7. Millions of users

    Post its launch in 2006, Roblox hit on a high point because of its exclusive features. Because of its large user base, you can reach many people worldwide f you post your game on this platform. 

    For the new game developer, it’s easier to enjoy large publicity on the independent website. If you are using Roblox to share your game, it can be played by thousands of people virtually without marketing.  

    8. Is it easy to develop and program games with Roblox?

    From investing in data storage centers and programming platforms to in-game servers, and others, Roblox software takes care of everything you need to create and share games, making it the best game development tool for creating fun games and kick-starting a career in the domain. 

    Also, you can skip licenses, paperwork, and graphics. Roblox is the best option for the game developer to concentrate on the game concept and execution instead of logistics.  


    Now you know how to create the game in Roblox using Lua programming. It is a one-stop platform for game development. 

    Those interested in creating their own game on Roblox can learn Lua programming. Create fun games and share them on the Roblox platform. Building a community can increase your player base and make your game successful. 

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