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Math Quiz
For Grade 5

Answer the below-given Math Questions.
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Fractions is a numerical value that is part of a whole. They are written as a numerator (top number) over a denominator (bottom number).

Here’s a short story to help you understand more about Fractions.

In a colorful bakery town, there were two best friends, Amy and Lily. They loved baking delicious pies together. One day, they had to share their scrumptious apple pie with new friends, Tom and Ben.

But they faced a little problem: how to divide the pie equally? Amy had an idea. She took out her magical cutter and cut the pie into four equal pieces.

They each got one piece, and that’s when Amy explained that each piece was a “fraction” of the whole pie. Since they had 4 equal parts, each piece was 1/4 of the pie.

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  • Q-1
  • Which fraction is greater than 1/3 but less than 1/2?

  • Q-2
  • Henry travels 360 km on three-fifths of his petrol tank. How far would he travel at the same rate with a full tank of petrol?

  • Q-3
  • Which fraction is greater than 3/7 but less than 4/7?

  • Q-4
  • Which fraction is smaller than 2/5?

  • Q-5
  • In a box of chocolates, five-eighths are milk chocolate. What fraction represents the remaining chocolates?

  • Q-6
  • Samantha eats three-quarters of a pizza. What fraction of the pizza is left?

  • Q-7
  • Lucy reads three-fifths of a book. What fraction of the book does she have left to read?

  • Q-8
  • Alicia eats four-sevenths of a cake. What fraction of the cake remains uneaten?

  • Q-9
  • Tom spends three-eighths of an hour doing homework. How much time does he have left?

  • Q-10
  • Sarah saves three-fourths of her allowance. What fraction of her allowance does she spend?


Later, they baked a cherry pie, but this time, they wanted to share it with six friends. Amy used her cutter again, dividing the pie into six equal pieces. Each friend got 1/6 of the cherry pie.

From that day on, Amy and Lily knew fractions were like sharing magic, dividing things into equal parts, and making sure everyone got their fair share.

Simply put, Fractions are a way to represent parts of a whole or a group. They consist of two numbers separated by a line: the numerator and the denominator. The numerator represents the number of parts we have or are considering, while the denominator represents the total number of equal parts that make up the whole. 

Example: 1/2 represents one-half, where the whole is divided into two equal parts.

They are used in everyday life for measuring, sharing, comparing, and solving problems involving parts of a whole, like dividing a pizza or measuring ingredients in a recipe.




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