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Submit your solutions

through PPTs/Videos and get a golden
opportunity to win extravagant prizes
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Top 500 students will also get a lucky

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Moonpreneur Hackathon – Where your
skills make all the difference

Organised in collaboration with i4C, Moonpreneur Hackathon provides a platform for young minds
and innovators to express their skills, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to solve existing challenges.

Who can participate?

Students from 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade from the US and UK are eligible to participate.

How to submit the idea?

Submit your ideas through PPTs, Videos to our expert panel.

What are the prizes?

Winning team will get a 50% scholarship on the Innovator Program, $149 Amazon Gift Card and more.

What are the Problem Statements?


  • Help the nature around you 
  • Use technology to support your teacher 
  • Solutions to remove air pollution 
  • Smart home, better home 
  • Enrich life with education 
  • Don’t flush valuable resources

- Win attractive prizes -

50% Scholarship +
$149 Amazon Gift Card

The winning team receives a Robotic Car Kit, Moonpreneur Board Game, 50% Scholarship on Moonpreneur Innovator Program + $149 Amazon Gift Card

25% Scholarship

Top 5 Qualifying Teams receive an Embedded Learner Kit V2 and 25% Scholarship on Moonpreneur Innovator Program

Free Trial Class

Top 500 participants are bestowed with a golden opportunity to receive a free trial of Moonpreneur Innovator Program

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Problem Statements For 5th to 6th Std

Help the nature around you

Trees, animals, birds, water bodies etc. are all being impacted by the presence of humans. We need to preserve the natural habitat around with innovative and technical solutions. Prepare tools and/or design of the city to enable everyone to coexist without stepping into the other’s boundaries.

Use technology to support your teacher

Teachers are the heart for the society. Use technology to support your teacher, alma-mater or college staff. Initiate discussion with teachers to identify problems that they face while teaching in class and online. Devise solutions to help teachers in various activities like marking attendance, tracking assignments, evaluating mark sheets etc.

Problem Statements For 7th to 10th Std

Enrich life with education

How do we use technology to take appropriate information and provide knowledge to all? Some ways of validating information are by tracing the source (example: Wikipedia takes opinion of people from different cultural and geographical backgrounds to ensure the validity). Students are expected to come up with ways to validate information in the form of hosted material on the internet.

Smart Home, Better Home

Identify smart solutions to enhance your home and support your parents, grandparents, and maids. For instance, speak to your mom about the activities she performs daily at home. Identify ways to reduce her workload and design a technological solution to solve problems to improve lifestyle at your home.

Solutions to remove air pollution

Air pollution is the most important environmental health risk of our times. Air in our cities is becoming hazardous to breathe. Devise a solution to measure indoor air quality and outdoor air quality and provide different kinds of alarm to users in case quality is not up to the mark. Providing ways to control pollution will be an added advantage.

Don’t flush valuable resources

The water scarcity problem is one of the most serious risks the world is facing at every level. Although water covers 71% of the earth’s surface, only 4% is freshwater and only 0.5% of this water is suitable for human consumption. Hence, there is a need to manage the natural resources in a sustainable way. 

  1. To monitor water leakage to avoid water wastage in cities or
  2. Help people to reduce unnecessary consumption of water


    All schools within the USA and UK can participate in the hackathon. If you are from India, please register here.

    Students studying in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th class from the US and UK are eligible to participate.

    There is no limit on the numbers from a school. 

    Moonpreneur team would share a few problem statements (already given on the page). Teams are free to select any PS that appeals to them. Teams, under the guidance of their SPOC, can come up with an idea that can help solve the problem. The idea can be explained on a 3-minute-long video/PPT where the student team will get to describe the problem they have chosen, the idea that they propose, and may show a prototype/diagram explaining their idea.

    The submitted idea videos/PPT are viewed and evaluated by our expert panel and the final shortlisted teams to participate in the hackathon finale would be announced.

    Winning and losing is part of the game. The overall experience derived from participating in the initiative would benefit the students in a huge manner. Besides this, all students whether their teams win or lose will be awarded Participation Certificates for Moonpreneur Hackathon.